If your Juicer feed is not displaying new Instagram posts, the problem is likely related to restrictions Instagram made in April 2018. These restrictions require that you enter the login details (username and password) for any Instagram account that is listed in the "Social Media Sources" panel of your Juicer dashboard, along the left-hand toolbar; in other words, any Instagram account from which you are displaying posts. 

To fix this, first make sure that your browser is not logged into any Instagram accounts (visit instagram.com and make sure you are logged out), this step is essential.

Then, visit the Connected Social Accounts page of your Juicer account. 

Click the chain icon that appears by Instagram, as shown on the right here: 

You should be prompted to enter the login details for an Instagram account. Enter those details for an Instagram account that appears within the "Social Media Sources" area of Juicer. Any account listed there must also be connected here. 

Once this connection is established, it should say "Connected as [the account name]" in the area shown above. Juicer will automatically run a process to re-sync your posts, but this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day. Check back in a while to see if new posts have come through to your feed or your "Moderated Posts" area. 

You may have more than one Instagram account listed in your "Social Media Sources" area. If so, you can follow the process above multiple times. Please continue to make sure that you are logged out of Instagram each time that you click the orange chain icon.

If you continue to have problems, you can contact us via our Intercom platform, or [email protected], and we will take a closer look. 

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