A common question to Juicer is: "We want to do [XYZ design change] to the feed. Is this possible?"

The answer is most likely yes. Juicer is a CSS and Javascript plugin, which means many elements of its design and text can be changed or overwritten using these programming languages. Some customizable elements include the pop-up overlays and the filtering buttons.

Basic color changes can be made directly from the "Custom Design" panel of your dashboard. Beyond that, you or an outside developer can add custom CSS into Juicer by clicking "Customize CSS", also located within the Custom Design panel. Or, CSS style changes can be inserted directly into the webpage where you have placed the Juicer feed. 

If you'd like to make simple CSS style changes to Juicer, you can read the CSS guide on our blog. If you'd like to run Javascript after the Juicer feed has rendered, there is a small code customization that will allow you to do this. 

Please note that the Juicer team cannot currently assist with custom design or other types of development, and we do not have a list of preferred developers/programmers who can assist you with custom coding at this time. 

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