You've probably noticed that the font size, color and overall layout of tweets is different from other social networks in your Juicer feed. This is because of Twitter's design specifications. These guidelines also stipulate that we cannot show the numbers of likes and comments within the posts, and we cannot play videos inline. 

One of Twitter's other requirements is that the text must always be shown with the image. As a result, we cannot display an image from a Twitter post by itself, and must include a blue overlay when the text appears on top of the image. So, the differences are more noticeable in the image-only feed styles, such as "Slider" and "Image Grid". 

Finally, Juicer's pop-up overlays (the lightbox that appears when clicking a post) do not function with Twitter because of these requirements. Instead of showing the overlay, it will link the viewer directly to the post. 

Because we must adhere to these guidelines to continue including Twitter in our service, it's not possible to tweak these designs within Juicer. We appreciate your understanding!

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