You may want to limit the number of posts that appear in your Juicer feed. This is possible with a small change to your embed code. In this example, we will limit the number of posts shown to 6, before a "Load More" button appears. 

If you are using the standard Juicer code, simply add:


...into the line of your embed code that starts with <ul class...> like so: 

<ul class="juicer-feed" data-feed-id="YOUR-FEED-NAME" data-per="6"></ul>

The "YOUR-FEED-NAME" portion of the code will already be set to your unique feed ID. 

If you do not want a "Load More" button to appear, you can add another customization that limits the feed to a single page. You will add:


Like so:

<ul class="juicer-feed" data-feed-id="YOUR-FEED-NAME" data-pages="1" data-per="6"></ul>

If you are using the Wordpress shortcode, you can add a similar customization into the shortcode, which does not include "data" - like so:

[juicer name="YOUR-FEED-NAME" pages="1" per="6"]

If you are using the iframe version of the Juicer code, it will appear like this (see bold part below):

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="1000" height="1000"></iframe>

If you encounter any problems implementing these customizations, contact us via our Intercom platform, or [email protected] for assistance. 

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