To delete a post from your Juicer feed, simply hover over the post in your dashboard and click "delete". 

You can also edit posts within Juicer by hovering over the post and clicking "Edit". But because of requirements of the social networks, these edits can only be additions to the post, and will appear below the original post text along with the word "Edited".

Changes you make to your Juicer feed will never impact the original social posts in any way. For example, if you delete a social post from your Juicer dashboard, this will not delete the post back on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

One additional note on editing a post: If you'd like to add a link, you will need to use HTML to do so. Insert the link this way (we'll use Google as an example):

<a href="">Google's Website</a>

Simply replace the URL with the site you're linking to, and "Google's website" with the clickable text you'd like shown.  

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