Your paid Juicer plan will renew automatically every month or year, depending on which option you choose at signup. You can remove the paid subscription at any time by selecting "Downgrade to small" from, or deleting your account entirely from the Account Settings. You can also switch between plan types from the "Plans" page (for example, you can switch from a "Large" plan to a "Medium" plan, or vice versa). 

When your paid subscription is removed, you will keep your paid features through the remainder of your monthly or yearly billing period. At the end of that billing period, your account will switch to our free "Small" plan automatically, and you will not be charged again. 

Please note that Juicer's "Enterprise" plan cannot be downgraded by the user. Contact Juicer via our Intercom chat platform or [email protected] to downgrade this plan. 

For other details related to subscription and payment policies, please refer to our Terms of Service

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