If you're running a hashtag campaign or something similar, please be aware that Juicer will probably not be able to obtain all of the posts that use your hashtag. There are several reasons why, but they all boil down to what is made available to a service like Juicer via the API of the social network.

Juicer can't obtain a hashtag post if:

  • There is any sort of privacy setting enabled for the poster's account. 
  • The post hasn't been "indexed" by the social network for that hashtag.
  • The social network has prevented API access to a post for another reason beyond our control and beyond our knowledge.

Because of these factors, you will probably see a discrepancy between what's listed on the network itself, and what appears in Juicer. 

Also: Remember that when you first add a hashtag to Juicer, our software will pull in just one "page" of posts. Juicer is unable to obtain older hashtag posts from before you created your Juicer feed, because of limitations of the social networks. 

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