You can add Twitter accounts into your Juicer social feed. You can also add hashtags, lists and other source types. 

This pulls in the tweets of any public user by entering in their Twitter username. You can find the username in the URL of their Twitter page. For example, the username of is juicerio . Enter this into the field to pull in the tweets from Juicer.

Simply click the "hashtag" option when adding a new Twitter source into Juicer and type in any hashtag (you do not need to include the # symbol). This will display posts from any public users who post with that hashtag. Please keep in mind that Juicer cannot obtain historical posts for your hashtag due to restrictions of the Twitter API, but it can obtain most new posts going forward. 

You can pull in the tweets from a Twitter list. To do so, find the URL of your list (it will look similar to When adding the source into Juicer, copy and paste the username and list_name part of the URL, like so: ariherzog/lists/influencers . Finally, put an asterisk in front of it, like this: *ariherzog/lists/influencers

Search Term
If you would prefer to display posts based on a general search term, rather than posts that contain a specific hashtag, you can do this in Juicer. When adding a new Twitter source, select the "hashtag" option, then type an asterisk followed by your search term (for example: *populartopic )

By clicking the "Location" option when adding a new Twitter source, you can add a specific location ID or search for a more general area. Once added into Juicer, your feed will display public posts in which the user has tagged that location. 

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