Every Juicer feed comes with a corresponding webpage that displays the feed full-screen. People typically use this page when showing Juicer on a screen during an event, or as a place to showcase their campaign content. 

At the top of this webpage is a name, which is assigned automatically. But you can change the name by clicking the pencil icon in the upper-left corner of your Juicer dashboard. 

When changing the name, you can also apply this change to the URL itself by clicking the checkbox that says "Update feed URL also". But please note: changing the feed URL will break your Juicer feed if it is currently embedded onto a website. That's because changing the URL will change the "feed-id" portion of your embed code. 

If you change the feed URL, re-paste your Juicer embed code onto your webpage immediately afterward, or change the feed-id in the code to match the new one you've created.

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