You can add YouTube usernames, playlists and hashtags to your Juicer feed. You can also display posts based on a broad search term. 

Username: If you want to display videos from a specific user, you can do so by entering the username from their URL. The URL comes in a few different formats, but generally looks something like this: In this example, you'd enter juicerio

To ensure that only videos made by that user are shown (and not videos that appear in their profile by other users), it's best to add /videos to the end. For example: juicerio/videos 

Playlist: Simply enter the playlist_id from the URL of the playlist, which looks something like this: and add an asterisk before it, like so: *PLuKg-Whduhklge1dMCGsemN1Qr_ODqjtZ

Hashtag: YouTube's hashtag support is unreliable, and in some rare cases, Juicer may not be able to pull in all the videos that include the hashtag. Simply enter a hashtag after clicking the "hashtag" tab at the top of the overlay. If some videos are missing, you can manually add those posts to your feed, or try entering your hashtag with different capitalization styles (be sure to enable your duplicate post blocker in the "Moderate and Filter" area).

Search Results: If you want to pull in posts that have a certain word in the title or description, but it's not a hashtag, you can add the search term with an asterisk before it, for example, *education , into the Juicer YouTube Hashtag field and it will pull in all videos that contain that word in it's title or description.

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