You can add Pinterest accounts and boards into your Juicer feed. 

Please note that the Pinterest API has a few quirks. Pinterest does not return a "pinned at" time. So, when you first add a Pinterest source to your feed, you may see all the posts appear clumped together at the top, as though they were created at the same time. Future posts will be pulled in normally. 

Additionally, if you are having trouble with your Pinterest images not appearing, and you live outside the U.S., please contact us, as Pinterest sometimes has issues displaying images in https outside the U.S.

Username: To display all the pins of a user across all of their boards, enter their username into Juicer.

Board: To pull in the pins of a specific board, enter the URL fragment for that board. For example, if you wanted to pull in all the pins on this board: you would click the "board" option in Juicer for a new Pinterest source, then enter: fooddaze/travel

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