If you have a Juicer account that allows for one feed (social wall), such as our "Medium" or "Small" plans, you can still display your feed on different webpages, and filter to show only specific social networks or sources from your "Social Media Sources" panel. 

For example, you may want to show only Facebook posts in one instance of your feed, and only Instagram posts in another. Or, you may want to show posts from just one Twitter account on one page, and a different Twitter account in another. 

You can do this with a small addition to your Juicer embed code. The addition is "data-filter"  (or simply "filter" if using the Wordpress shortcode). 

Below is an example of the customization in Juicer's standard embed code. You can find this line of your embed code in your "Embed in your site" panel of the Juicer dashboard.

<ul class="juicer-feed" data-feed-id="YOUR-JUICER-FEED-NAME" data-filter="Facebook"></ul>

And that same example in the Wordpress shortcode:

[juicer name="YOUR-JUICER-FEED-NAME" filter="Facebook"] 

In the above example, only Facebook posts will be shown in the feed. You can type in any social network, or you can enter a social account name or hashtag listed in your "Social Media Sources" panel. The feed will then only display posts from what you enter. 

If you'd like to display multiple networks or sources, simply separate them with commas, like so: 

<ul class="juicer-feed" data-feed-id="YOUR-JUICER-FEED-NAME" data-filter="Facebook, Instagram"></ul>

or with the shortcode:

[juicer name="YOUR-JUICER-FEED-NAME" filter="Facebook, Instagram"]

Remember: This customization cannot be used to filter for words within the posts. It can only be used to filter for sources within your "Social Media Sources" panel, or social networks. If you'd like to filter by terms within the posts, you must use the "Moderate and Filter" panel of your Juicer dashboard. 

Other, similar customizations are available for your embed code. You can read about those in a separate FAQ entry

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