Update, 15 May 2019: The "Social Accounts" page now works for LinkedIn: juicer.io/social-accounts

Update, 12 April 2019: It is now possible to reconnect your LinkedIn token (personal LinkedIn account) that will enable your feed to display LinkedIn company posts. For the moment, the reconnection must be done from your "Social Media Sources" panel of any of your Juicer feeds, instead of the juicer.io/social-accounts page. Do this by: 

  1. Select the "Add Social Media Source" button:

2. Select the LinkedIn option from the menu:

3. You should be prompted to connect a personal LinkedIn account. Connect an account that is an admin for any company LinkedIn pages you are displaying in Juicer. This will not display any personal posts, it will only provide necessary authorization. 

4. The connection will be completed and no further action is needed. Your existing LinkedIn sources should begin obtaining posts again at your usual update frequency (hourly on the "Medium" plan, 10-minute on the "Large" plan. 

Juicer will have the juicer.io/social-accounts page functioning again soon for LinkedIn. For now, reconnecting your token requires the above steps. We will update this post when the usual page is working again. 

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