Juicer's analytics include the following areas. Please note that the standard Juicer embed code or the Wordpress shortcode must be used for analytics to function. They will not work with the iframe version of the code, or when working directly with Juicer's API data. 

  • Page views - This shows the number of times the Juicer feed has loaded on the page where you have embedded it. It does not provide details about the visitors, and it cannot know if someone is a repeat visitor. It purely counts the number of times the feed has loaded.
  • Clicks - This spreadsheet will contain an entry for each time a post was clicked within your Juicer feed (and tell you which post). A basic way of tracking engagement. It will not have any information about who did the clicking.
  • Follows - This will tell you how many followers your social accounts have over time. This assumes you are displaying posts from your own social accounts in Juicer. 
  • Posts - This spreadsheet contains basic details about every social post in your feed that has not been blocked (so anything in your "Public Posts" area). This is more useful if you are displaying posts based on a hashtag. Most of what you can view are elements you see at https://juicer.io/api in our API documentation, such as the posting date, the username, the text of the post, and the image location. 

The Juicer analytics dashboard for a feed looks like this:

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