This is due to API policy changes on Instagram's end, and is affecting all platforms that connect with Instagram:

“On 11 December 2018, Instagram updated it’s API Policy in which it deprecated some of it’s important endpoints. So, now it’s not possible to get posts on the basis of hashtags and locations through Standard Instagram account but you can access the posts through hashtags, mentions and tagged by converting your standard Instagram account into an Instagram Business account.”

A lot of other major changes also took place because of this updated Instagram API Policy. One such major change was that from now on no user information will be available with hashtag posts. As a result, Juicer can no longer access the personally identifiable information such as profile image, username with hashtag posts.

We've had some users ask whether it was possible to replace the wording "An Instagram User" with something else.

In response to this, we've prepared a replacement function that rewords "An Instagram User" to just "Instagram" using the translation strategy demonstrated in . The code for that cam be found below:

    function translateJuicer() {
      // Example version of 'translateJuicer' funciton that replaces the
      // "An Instagram User" text with "Instagram".

      jQuery('[data-source="instagram"] .j-poster h3').each(function(index, element){
        if (jQuery(element).text() === "An Instagram User"){
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