Beginning October 23, 2019, Facebook requires that you have administrative rights to any Facebook page you display in Juicer as a source, similar to what is required for Instagram sources. In other words, if you are displaying posts in Juicer from the @YourBusiness Facebook page, you must connect a personal Facebook account to Juicer that has admin access to @YourBusiness.  

Providing this validation is a simple process: connect a personal Facebook account at that is an administrator of the Facebook pages you show in Juicer. Posts from the personal page will not be displayed in Juicer.

You can confirm this is completed by following these steps: 

  1. Log into Juicer and visit the "Your Social Connections" page at
  2. Check whether a connection is currently listed on that page for Facebook. The area looks like this: 

    3. If there is not a connection listed, click the green + icon
and enter the login details for a personal Facebook account that is an administrator of any Facebook pages you display in Juicer (the ones shown in the "Social Media Sources" panel of your main Juicer dashboard). Please note that if your browser is already logged into Facebook, Juicer will default to that account. You may need to log out of Facebook before proceeding. 

   4. If there is already a connection listed, and that account has admin rights for the Facebook pages you display in Juicer, no further action is needed. 

If you aren't sure whether your personal Facebook account has admin rights to a certain page, you can check by visiting If any Facebook pages you display in Juicer are not shown there, contact the administrator of that page and request being added as one of the page roles. Or, you can connect a different personal Facebook account to Juicer that already has this role. 

At this time, we believe that any level of "page role" (such as admin, editor, moderator, etc.) should be enough to provide verification. 

If you have not established an admin connection by October 23, your Facebook page source will still appear in Juicer, but new posts cannot be obtained, and photos/videos in older posts will likely no longer be shown. Once you establish the admin connection, your Facebook source(s) should work properly again at your next usual refresh. If you establish the connection ahead of October 23, there should be no interruption. 

If you own a Juicer Enterprise account 

If you have subscribed to Juicer for Enterprise (not a Small, Medium or Large plan), there might be multiple Juicer users who have access to your various Juicer feeds, such as your Juicer account's administrators, clients, various staff, etc. 

In this situation, at least one of those people must establish the type of connection explained above. If your client is one of these users, it's probably easiest to have your client log into Juicer and connect a personal Facebook account at (or white label equivalent) that has the needed access. Alternatively, your client could make you an admin of their Facebook page, and you could establish the Facebook connection yourself. 

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