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Pinterest posts all clumped together? Here's why.

Maria Herrell
Updated 2 years ago
A quirk of Pinterest's API causes your posts to initially arrive in a single batch, which puts all of them together in your feed.
When you first add a Pinterest account or board to your Juicer feed, you'll notice that the posts arrive in one big batch, rather than separated by the date of their pinning/posting. They arrive in your feed as though they were all posted at the exact same time. 

As a result, the posts will be shown in one big bunch, which can place them all at the top of your feed. 

Unfortunately, there is no current workaround for this. Future pins, however, will arrive in your feed with the correct date stamps.

At first, you may want to set your post order to "Random" from the Feed Settings panel, to mix all of your posts up each time your feed refreshes (which depends on your plan level). 

Otherwise, we'd recommend that you add your Pinterest source before you add other sources, so these posts do not dominate the top of your feed. Over time, the feed will become a good mixture of posts. 



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