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Installing Juicer on a WordPress site

Updated 1 year ago
You can use a WordPress plugin and shortcode for Juicer, or install it the traditional way.
WordPress is a remarkable platform on which to base a website or blog, as it’s easy to set up and customize and offers countless quality templates. But one of WordPress’ best features is the availability of hundreds of thousands of plugins for your site, which gives you the power to do just about anything you or your brand would need on your website. You can even add posts from your social networks to your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

Why Add Social Media to Your WordPress Site?

There are plenty of reasons to add social media to a WordPress site. Not only will a social media feed plugin consolidate all of your social networks into a single place, but it also helps keep your WordPress website visitors engaged. Adding a WordPress plugin for a social media feed also lets you take advantage of the user-generated content your loyal customers create on all of your social networks. All this while letting you moderate and filter what shows up on your WordPress site. So, how do you add social media WordPress plugins?

There are three ways to display the Juicer feed on your WordPress website.
  1. Feed Embed Code
  2. Juicer WordPress Plugin
  3. Juicer PHP Function for WordPress theme

⚠️ Before we start, if your WP website has caching, optimization, or performance plugins installed (such as WP Rocket), please add an exception for the Juicer's external JavaScript.


Add a Social Feed to Your WordPress Site With an Embed Code

Copy your social media feed embed code. Remember that your specific Juicer embed code is available on your Juicer dashboard, by clicking “Embed in your site.”



The code will look something like this, and it will contain your feed name.
Do not copy the code below, copy your code from your Juicer Dashboard.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.juicer.io/embed/mario-s/embed-code.js" async defer></script>


In your WordPress dashboard, create a new post or page, or edit an existing one. Then, click on the “Text” tab above the content editor (not the “Visual” tab).



Next, paste your copied social media feed embed code into the page, as shown below.

Finally, simply save that page, and you’ll have yourself a shiny new Juicer social media feed on your WordPress site!
If you are using the Elementor plugin, please use this embed code method. The WordPress shortcode method, described below, will now work for you.

Use the Juicer WordPress Plugin

Another simple option to add a social media plugin to your WordPress site is to install the WordPress plugin for Juicer. Just add Juicer’s social media plugin through WordPress’s Add new plugin menu. We recommend this approach when it comes to installing the plugin.

Alternatively, you can download the plugin here, and install it manually.

⚙️ If you're installing it manually, from a .zip file, once unzipped, upload the full folder into the Plugins directory of your WordPress site (it should be /wp-content/plugins).

☕️ If you're using the automated installation from the WordPress Plugins page, click the Add New button, search for the Juicer WP plugin, and click the Install Now button. 


Next, regardless of how you installed the plugin (manually or automatically), you need to activate the installed plugin.

If you installed it using the automated installation method, the Install Now button will become the Activate button. You can click it and your plugin will become activated.

Otherwise, you can activate the plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard, click “Plugins” in the left-hand menu, find the Juicer WordPress social media plugin in your list, and click “Activate.”

Then, create a new page or post (or open an existing one). When you are on the WordPress page editor, simply add the Juicer social media plugin feed shortcode, like this:

[juicer name='YOUR_FEED_NAME']

The exact shortcode can be found in the “Embed in your site” panel of the Juicer dashboard, as shown here:


Once inserted, the shortcode should look something like this below. Of course, copy yours from your feed embed page.
Save the page and voilà! You now have a Juicer social media feed on your WordPress site.
⚡️ Bonus tip: If you installed the Juicer WordPress plugin, you will notice that you have Juicer in your WordPress side menu. Accessing that menu option will show the page below. A quick set-up guide and some useful links.

Use a Juicer PHP Function to Embed the Social Media Plugin Directly In Your WordPress Theme

If you’re into the “nitty-gritty” of customizing the PHP code of your WordPress theme, it’s easy to integrate Juicer’s WordPress social media plugin this way, too. For example, if you want to get a Juicer social media feed on every page of your WordPress site, you can add the Juicer PHP function to your footer.php file in your themes' directory.

First, install and activate the Juicer WordPress social media plugin as described above.

Then, use the Juicer PHP function anywhere you like in your WordPress template.

<?php juicer_feed('name=YOUR_FEED_NAME') ?>

To get the exact PHP function, visit your social media feed editor page, click on “Embed in your site”, and then choose WordPress instead of Standard Website.

Your PHP code (PHP function) will be at the bottom. As always, copy yours from your feed embed page, and do not literally copy the one below.



If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io.

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