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Why you see only a few dozen posts in a new feed

Updated 7 months ago
Juicer's software obtains posts from the social networks in batches, so you might be missing posts. We may be able to obtain more for you.
When you add a new source (a social account or hashtag) into your Juicer feed, Juicer will obtain a certain number of posts for that source. The number depends on the social network. For example, Juicer will obtain the most recent 50–100 posts for an X (Twitter) or Facebook source.

That's why a new feed will not show many posts, until it has had time to pull in new content at your plan's update frequency. 

If your source is a social account (a @Username from Instagram, X (Twitter), or Facebook) we should be able to pull through historical posts for you. Just contact us at hello@juicer.io, and we will run that process for you shortly. This feature is not available for all social networks. 

If your source is a hashtag, we cannot obtain historical posts for you. The social networks have placed restrictions on this in recent years. E.g., Instagram allows us to import hashtag posts only from the last 24 hours.

Please note that other social networks may have additional restrictions that do not allow us to obtain historical posts, which is beyond our control.


If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io.

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