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How to get rid of Juicer ads and branding

Maria Herrell
Updated 9 months ago
Juicer's free plan includes Juicer branding. A paid plan will remove the “Powered by Juicer” and ads, with other benefits, too.

To remove all Juicer branding that appears in the free version (the “Small” plan), you can upgrade to a paid plan, such as our standard “Medium” or “Large” plans. 

If Juicer branding still appears after you have upgraded to a paid plan, please contact us at the email below. Some branding might have carried over due to customizations in the feed, but this can be fixed.

Upgrading to a paid Juicer plan brings many other benefits, including permanent access to the “Moderate and Filter”, “Custom Design” panels, a faster update frequency, and an additional number of feeds and sources, as well as access to X (Twitter) and LinkedIn sources.


If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io.

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