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Changing account ownership

Maria Herrell
Updated 7 months ago
You can change the login email address and credit card details of your Juicer account.
If you need to transfer ownership of your Juicer account to a client or colleague, you can change the login details for your account from the Account Settings. You may need to set a temporary password that you feel comfortable sharing with the other party, so they can log into the account and make any further changes. 

The credit card details for your account can be changed from http://www.juicer.io/credit-card/edit. You may need your client to change this information once they can log into the account. 

Please note that Juicer cannot remove the payment method for an active subscription. If you are transferring ownership to a client, you will need to facilitate the transition of the payment method. Or, Juicer can downgrade the account to our free plan, giving the new account holder until the end of the current billing period to re-upgrade the subscription, before the account loses its paid features.  


If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io

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