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Not seeing new posts? Here's a checklist of the most common causes.

Updated 9 months ago

1. Using the free "Small" plan? Check back at your daily re-sync time, and be aware that X (Twitter) stops working after one week.

Your posts will not appear immediately in Juicer when they are posted on the social network. Juicer's various plans update at different times to show new posts. Our free "Small" plan updates once every 24 hours. Faster updates come with paid plans (juicer.io/pricing), such as hourly or every 10 minutes. Please, also note that because X (Twitter) charges services like Juicer per tweet, X (Twitter) sources will stop working in your feed after the first week of the free plan. They will work once again after upgrading to any paid plan. 

2. Did you just add or refresh a connection at juicer.io/social-accounts? Wait until your next usual re-sync time for new posts. 

The connections listed at juicer.io/social-accounts give us the permissions our software needs to show your posts, so visit that page to ensure nothing has expired or needs to be added. If you just followed the instructions to update/refresh a connection, your new posts will not appear immediately. It will take until your next typical update time for our software to obtain new posts, whether that is hourly (Medium plan), every 10 minutes (Large plan), or every 24 hours (Small plan). 

3. Check the "Feed Settings" panel of your Juicer dashboard

It's possible that new posts are being hidden in your feed by a display setting. If the "Only show posts with images" or "Only show posts with videos" options are enabled in your "Feed Settings" panel, try turning them off to see if posts are revealed. Also, check the "Post Order" setting to ensure that it is set to "Most Recent First", so new posts would be shown at the top. 

4. Check your moderated posts in the "Moderate and Filter" panel

If you have any filtering settings enabled, posts might be going into your moderation area and are awaiting approval. This might be unintentional; a filtering setting might be snagging posts that you don't want it to.  

5. View the potential reasons below for some social networks 


Juicer is unable to obtain video posts from LinkedIn, or posts that contain document previews or GIFs. Some other types of posts might not appear, like job postings. Typical photo/text posts should appear.

Removing the LinkedIn social media source is always an option, but please note that re-adding it will fetch only the last 10 LinkedIn posts, not more. In that case, manually adding your LinkedIn post could be a better option.

Juicer is unable to obtain posts from Instagram that the network has flagged for potential copyright infringement (such as use of popular music). 

Visit juicer.io/social-accounts and make sure that any Instagram usernames you are displaying in your social wall are also connected here, and that the connections are still valid. Click here for further troubleshooting.

If you have recently changed your Instagram username, you will have to remove Instagram social connection from Juicer and re-add it. Only that will connect your new IG username to Juicer.

If you are trying to obtain hashtag posts from Instagram, visit juicer.io/social-accounts and make sure that a Facebook account is connected on this page, and that it says, "Instagram Hashtag support: Active". If not, click here for further assistance

Juicer is unable to obtain posts shared by your Facebook page that are made by other users. Facebook will not send these posts to us as a privacy measure. 

Another possible issue: Visit juicer.io/social-accounts and make sure that a personal Facebook account is connected that is a manager of any business pages you are displaying, and that the connection is still valid. Also, visit your Business Integrations on Facebook, and click "View and Edit" next to the Juicer app. Make sure that "Read content posted on the page" and "Read user content on the page" are granted. Ideally, you can grant all permissions, to make sure Facebook does not block us. Once the above measures are taken, new posts might appear at your next usual re-sync time


If you are having problems with other social networks, or if you have checked all of the above possibilities, please contact our support team at juicer.io/contact or by clicking "Help" in the lower-right corner of your screen to reach us through our ticketing system. 


If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io.

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