In April 2018, Instagram began to periodically change the links to images and videos in their service. As a result, the data can become outdated within Juicer, resulting in images and videos no longer appearing in your Juicer feed. 

When this occurs, Juicer's software will hide the broken posts on your website, if you are using a grid style of posts (such as the "Modern" or "Polaroid" styles). However, the posts will still be visible within your Juicer dashboard. 

To fix the broken images/videos, visit your Connected Social Accounts page, and refresh your Instagram connection by clicking the refresh icon that appears by the Instagram account, as shown here on the right:

If you do not have an Instagram connection listed at all, you can add one by clicking the orange chain icon. These connections help us obtain posts on your behalf. 

Remember: If the Instagram source listed in your "Social Media Sources" panel is a specific @Username, and not a hashtag, then you must connect the same Instagram account in the area shown above. There is more information here about that requirement. 

Once you have refreshed or established this connection, wait about 5-10 minutes, then check your Juicer feed to see if the posts have been fixed. 

If the posts have not been fixed, Juicer may still be able to fix some of the older posts. Please contact us at [email protected] or via the Intercom platform on our site. It's also possible that a post no longer exists on Instagram, in which case you must manually remove it from Juicer, as Juicer cannot fix these. 

Please also note: Juicer will automatically re-sync your older posts once per week (typically over the weekend), to fix recent broken posts. 

Generally, the best way to ensure that your feed is consistently showing posts is to allow through new content on a regular basis. 

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