You can add an Instagram username as a source for your Juicer social feed, provided that you have the login information for the account. You can also add hashtags and locations. 

Instagram username/account
To display the posts from a single Instagram account, you must also connect that same Instagram account on your Connected Social Accounts page, due to recent Instagram requirements. Once you have connected the account on the back end, you can add the Instagram username into your "Social Media Sources" panel and display the posts. You can connect multiple Instagram accounts on your "Connected Social Accounts" page, which will allow you to display the posts from each corresponding account. 

Choose the "hashtag" option when adding a new Instagram source. Type in your hashtag without including the # symbol. Juicer will then begin displaying posts by any public user that contain your hashtag. Please be aware that Juicer cannot typically obtain all hashtag posts for various reasons relating to the Instagram API. If new posts are not appearing at all, you may need to refresh your Instagram connection

By choosing the "location" option when adding a new Instagram source, you can paste in a specific location ID, or search for one. Once this is entered, Juicer will display public posts that have been tagged with that location by the user. Please be aware that location tagging is generally rare by Instagram users, so you may need to market this to your audience. 

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