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If you see broken Instagram images/posts for hashtags (blue boxes in your feed)

Updated 8 months ago
Instagram randomly changes the location of older images, and Juicer is unable to update this data for hashtag posts.
As of 2019, new Instagram API changes prevent us from being able to update the data for older Instagram posts based on a hashtag. If you see broken posts appearing in your feed from an Instagram hashtag, you can delete them from your feed by hovering over them in your dashboard and selecting "Delete". Juicer will not be able to restore working images for those posts.

For posts directly from an Instagram @Username source in your "Social Media Sources" panel, Juicer can update the data. Please refer to this Help Center article for more details on establishing the correct connection for username sources.
⚠️ Another important thing to make sure is turned on for your Instagram account is the enabled account embedding. More details on Embed an Instagram post or profile.

If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at hello@juicer.io.

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