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Instagram sources - Adding and troubleshooting

Maria Herrell
Updated 9 months ago

A guide on how to connect your Instagram account and set up your source on Juicer.

Connect your Instagram account with Juicer

All it takes to display the posts from a specific Instagram account in the Juicer feed is to connect your Instagram account with your Juicer account and add an Instagram source, and we will do the rest. You can do this for as many accounts as you like within Juicer. Adding or refreshing those connections is done on your Connected Social Accounts page.

Instagram has closed down its old username API, so you will need to reconnect any Instagram username tokens you have on your "Connected Social Accounts" page. Here is what you should know and how to get that configured.

❗ Before starting, we recommend that you visit instagram.com and log your browser out of all Instagram accounts, this will ensure that you will connect to the correct Instagram account.


Follow the next steps to connect your Instagram account with Juicer:

  1. Visit Connected Social Accounts and next to Instagram usernames header click the green + button.Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.13.56_PM.png

  2. As a part of the authentication process, you will be redirected to Instagram to log in to your Instagram account, if you already weren't logged in.Screen_Shot_2022-01-12_at_11.26.10_AM.png
  3. It is important to allow Media access to the Juicer app. This permission lets Juicer import Instagram photos from your Instagram account to the Juicer feed, even though Instagram sometimes says it's optional, it is necessary for Juicer to work.Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.18.17_PM.png
  4. Click "Allow" and the connection will be established. You can now add this Instagram account into the "Social Media Sources" area of your Juicer dashboard. Your successful connections should be listed in the area shown below:Screen_Shot_2022-01-12_at_11.31.20_AM.png
    If one or more of your connections appears in red, that means that your connection is expired. Please follow the instructions outlined in How to refresh your Instagram connections to get the issue fixed.


Add an Instagram source to your Juicer feed

A "source" is any social media account or hashtag whose posts you display. Your sources are shown within the "feed", which is the wall of posts that you embed on your website.

Follow the next steps to add a new Instagram source:

  1. Navigate to the Sources screen, you can get here by clicking + Add Social Media Source button on the left sidebar, then you should see the Sources list and you should be able to select Instagram Username as a source. 000469.png
    👉 If you want to add an Instagram Hashtag source, please refer to the How to add an Instagram hashtag source to Juicer help doc.
    👉 If you want to add an Instagram Reels source, please refer to the Instagram Reels are not showing up in my feed help doc.

  2. In the next screen, you will see your connected accounts to choose from (you can have multiple Instagram accounts connected), select the account you want to import posts from and click Create Source.Screen_Shot_2022-01-12_at_11.33.42_AM.png
If you see the following that means that you haven't connected your Instagram account correctly, if this occurs please click on Connect your Instagram account and follow the instructions. Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.54.19_PM.png


And that's it, now your Instagram posts should appear in your Juicer feed. If you have any troubles with the process, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at hello@juice.io.

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